Dick Pearce at Jazznights with the Roger Odell Trio Sunday 19th September 2010

Dick Pearce joined the Roger Odell Trio and Larraine Odell at Jazznights, The Bell Hotel, Clare in Suffolk with our Master Of Ceremonies – Donald Muir

One of the UK’s finest and most exciting jazz trumpeters, Dick Pearce was Ronnie Scott’s frontline partner for fourteen years. More recently he has performed with Gilad Atzmon, Clark and Stan Tracey’s Ellingtonia, Alan Barnes and Don Weller in A Tribute to Cannonball AdderleyJazznights Dick Pearce 190910 (11)

‘Look at the Trumpet player with Ronnie Scott tonight, Dick Pearce. Tremendously talented- I called home to a couple of friends of mine about him.
‘ Oscar Peterson – (Interview in Melody Maker)

‘Dick Pearce plays the most exquisite, heart stopping music … his elegant, flowing lines are up there with anything by Bobby Hackett, Chet Baker or Miles Davis that I have heard.’ (Brian Blain) – what an in introduction!

The Jazznights trio with Larraine Odell  opened the evening with a medium tempo Alone Together composed by Arthur Schwartz with lyrics by Howard Dietz featuring both Simon Brown and Andy Doyle

Roger Odell – drums
Roger was one of the founder members and drummer with the jazz-funk group Shakatak, Roger has toured internationally and recorded numerous CDs, which he continues to do on a regular basis to this day.
Simon Brown – piano
A very respected and popular jazz pianist who is equally known for his arranging skills. He is always in demand to play many gigs with other bands when he is not teaching jazz piano or playing with the  Jazznights Trio

Andy Doyle – double bass
Andy is a superb bass player and a regular member of the Lewis Wright quartet. and the Rhythm and blues band the Keno Kings
Larraine Odell – vocals 
Larraine has performed at numerous venues throughout the UK and Europe, including the Purcell Room, RFH, Boxford Fleece & Ronnie Scott’s.

Larraine opened the first set with Alone Together composed by Arthur Schwartz with lyrics by Howard Dietz which featured both Simon Brown on piano and Andy Doyle on double bass.A sensitive The Gentle Rain followed by Luiz Bonfá with a very lovely solo by Simon. Night and Day by Cole Porter which was written for the 1932 musical play Gay Divorce was a very swinging up-tempo again featuring Jazznights Larraine 190910 (2) Simon with great support from Roger on the drums. A tender A Time For Love by Jonny Mandell was beautifully sung by Larraine with brushwork giving the support from Roger.

I’m Old Fashioned, a 1942 song composed by Jerome Kern, with lyrics written by Johnny Mercer.It was written for the film You Were Never Lovelier (1942), where it was introduced by Nan Wynn who dubbed for Rita Hayworth as part of a song and dance routine with Fred Astaire. (O.K. you didn’t want to know that!). This was a great finale to Larraine’s set which had a solo from Simon and 8 bar trades between Andy and Roger. All these were arranged by Roger Odell.

Dick Pearce, who coincidentally replace Harry Beckett, another great British trumpet player who sadly passed away recently, opened with a cracking tune which we new so well, but could not bring the name to mind (old age is my excuse). Victor Jazznights Dick Pearce 190910 (8) Young’s A Weaver Of Dreams followed in E flat with intro from Dick with breaks by Simon and Andy.Great opening solo from Dick on Horace Silver’s Adjustment with Roger featured on drums after trades with Andy on bass. Thelonius Monk’s Purple Shades ended the first set. Dick introduced this number with “It is not played a lot and tonight is no exception” – it was of course superb. Dick’s dry sense of humour continued throughout the evening and certainly had shades of Ronnie Scott, after all, he did spend 14 years with the Ronnie Scott Quintet!

Jazznights Dick Pearce 190910 (19) After the break we had the Jazznights raffle which apart from a bottle of red wine, a Buddy De Franco quartet CD and an Anita Wardell CD, we had one of Ron Mattewson’s socks (un washed) which was proudly presented by Dick Pearce! (Ron Mattewson was of course a bassist with Ronnie Scott for many years). Geoff Harriman with his harmonica then featured in the Jazznights sitting in spot playing Ray Charles’s You Don’t Know Me.

Dick opened the second set with another Victor Young number: Stella By Starlight in E flat. Sigmund Romberg’s Softly, As In A Morning Sunrise was played as an up-tempo number which featured the flying fingers of Simon Brown. The third tune was composed by Dick Pearce. This had no title and was passed round to the band on a scrap of paper about the size of a page in a small notebook. It all gelled so well with a swing rhythm powered by Roger on drums.

 Happy Man composed again by Dick was played in an “uppish” tempo (Dick’s word, not mine and was played at a medium tempo.Jazznights Dick Pearce 190910 (38)

Dick’s next tune was played in a “Bossarish  manner as sung by the White Rabbit in Alice In Wonderland” (guess who said that!) played at a medium tempo. (Wikipedia tells us that "White Rabbit" is a psychedelic rock/acid rock song from Jefferson Airplane’s 1967 album Surrealistic Pillow.) Unusually, Dick finished the evening with a ballad at Roger’s request.the 1942 Lover Man  was a superb number which had great bass support for both Dick and Simon by Andy Doyle on bass who gave a very sensitive break. A wonderful evening yet again from Jazznights – all thanks to Roger Odell who organises the club.

For further information and future gigs visit www.jazz-nights.com


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