Deelee Dubé (voc) + RENATO D’AIELLO (sax) with the Roger Odell Jazznights Trio Including Juan Gallardo and Bernie Hodgkins with additional vocals from Larraine Odell & the traditional Jazznights Sitting In spot at the Bell Hotel Clare on Sunday 30th July 2017

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Jazznights Deelee Dubé 300717  (36)


Deelee Dubé started out by performing as an ustic/jazz/blues popular singer songwriter with musicians in London’s live music circuit. She has worked as a session singer for several renowned artists and on musical projects with producers and emerging artists. Deelee has performed at several London venues and formed her first band at the age of 14. She studied at the BRIT School, where she also improved her piano playing skills and knowledge of music, she performed before record company A&R’s who showed great interest in her voice and song writing skills. She went on to perform within several other bands and then went on to develop her solo singing career.

As a singer, Deelee  tends to have a voice quality that is quite stunningly mature and sophisticated, with a wide vocal range that reflects an influential spectrum of styles ranging Jazznights Deelee Dubé 300717  (26)from vocal greats such as Sarah Vaughan,  Nina Simone, Karen Carpenter, Roberta Flack, Minnie Riperton, Joni Mitchell, Fitzgerald, and Billie Holiday, amongst others. Deelee’s voice often catches the attention of audiences because of it’s distinctive quality, and Deelee’s sheer precision with words and phrasing expresses her unique delivery of emotion and intonation. Performing is somewhat like breathing to her, and is one of her greatest joys. She  is in her element on stage, and also when creating songs and composing music and lyrics.

Delee was the winner of the 2016 Sarah Vaughan International Competition held in Newark, New Jersey USA she is also a house singer at Ronnie Scott’s Jazz Club in London.

Renato D’Aiello
Born in Naples 1959. Renato began to study the saxophone on 1979 at the age of 20, with virtuoso sax player Antonio Andolfi, then with Sal Nistico, Steve Grossman, Tony Scott.

Jazznights Renato D'Aiello 300717  (104)He started his professional career playing with Giovanni Tommaso big band for Pupi Avati’s tv program in 1986/87.
In 1987 he received a full tuition scolarship from Berklee college of Boston.
International tours followed in 1991 with Tony Scott and on 1992 Renato toured Japan with Yoshida Masahiro trio.
In 1993 and 1995 he toured Japan again with same trio.
Tours of Europe with Art Farmer and Rachel Gould in 1996/97.
His composition credits include music for an opera entitled “Seven Red Doors” by writer Oberto Airaudi and several co-productions for IRMA Records as sax player and producer.
In1999 became resident in UK.

He has played with a number of world class musicians in his career, including:
Art Farmer, Sal Nistico, Steve Grossman, Eddie Duran, Kirk Lightsey, Keith Copeland, Duffy Jackson, Roland Prince, Alain Jean Marie, Spike Robinson, Jim Mullen, Claire Teal, Bruce Forman, Gene Calderazzo, Phil Lee, Sax Appeal, Bruce Adams, Mark Bassey, C.Tracey, D.Green, G. Husband, P. Jacobsen, S. Melling, Gilad Atzmon, P. Robson, John Chritchinson, Patrice Galas.

Deelee and Renato sang and played with the Roger Odell Jazznights Trio

Jazznights Deelee Dubé 300717  (120)

Jazznights Roger Odell 300717  (86)  Jazznights Juan Galiardo 300717  (77)

Roger Odell                                       Juan Galiardo

Jazznights Bernie Hodgkins 300717  (84)  Jazznights Larraine Odell 300717  (52)

Bernie Hodgkins                                                         Larraine Odell

Jazznights Larraine Odell 300717  (51)

Larraine Odell singing with Juan Galiardo, Bernie Hodgkins and Roger Odell

Following the Jazznights raffle of 3 jazz cd’s we had the traditional Jazznights sitting in spot which is open to all musicians who have an  opportunity to play  with the band. Tonight we had the pleasure of Sara Hawkes singing All Of Me and Geoff Harriman playing Misty on his harmonica

Jazznights Deelee Dubé 300717  (42)

Deelee Dubé singing with Renato D’Aiello. Juan Galiardo, Bernie Hodgkins and Roger Odell

Jazznights Deelee Dubé 300717  (130)

Deelee Dubé singing with Renato D’Aiello. Juan Galiardo, Bernie Hodgkins and Roger Odell

Sun 13 Aug – AARON LIDDARD (sax)

Aaron was most famously associated with Amy Winehouse with whom he recorded and toured before her tragic early demise. “Being smiled upon and encouraged by the two Parkers, Evan and Maceo, is a unique accolade….a sort of Official Thumbs-Up from both Professor Steven Hawkings and Wayne Rooney” Alastair Graham (Illustrator and jazz fan)


THE BEST IN BRITISH MODERN JAZZ is at Jazznights, The Bell Hotel. Clare, Suffolk. CO10 8NN

Admission £10. Doors open 7.00 pm. Music 7.30 – 10.00 pm.

Reserve seating on 01787 237653 or email
Pay on the night.

You can join us at facebook, read reviews of previous performances on more opinions blog or tweet at

Pictures from past gigs can also be seen HERE

For further information on future gigs go to

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